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Wherever There Is Water

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Wow! The Wherever There Is Water parade was a tremendous success. We want to thank the more than 250 people who showed up to march and carry lanterns. You helped to create a beautiful spectacle that will not soon be forgotten.

For those of you who had cameras, please share your photos with us by uploading them to the Wherever There Is Water group on Flickr (examples are shown below).

Special thanks to Gary San Angel for sharing the video (below) of the end of the parade.

Fleisher Art Memorial: Wherever There is Water Parade from Gary San Angel on Vimeo.

The Fleisher Art Memorial is pleased to present Wherever There Is Water, a residency project with Brooklyn-based artist George Ferrandi.

Wherever There Is Water is a collaborative project centered around the story of Huberta — an elderly woman who sets off in her bunny slippers on an epic journey from her daughter's home in Florida to find her old life and her love.

The culmination of this project will be a grand night parade through the streets of South Philadelphia on Saturday, April 24th, 2010. The parade will consist of illuminated sculptures created by George Ferrandi that tell Huberta's story — along with the stories of many people from Fleisher's community; a host of dancers, singers, and musicians; and you!


We need you to participate in the parade. How? You can march in the parade itself, helping to literally take Huberta's story to the streets. The parade will feature breakdancers, Korean drummers, singers, and folks like you. You can also gather friends along the parade route (see below) to help cheer Huberta along.

We also need volunteers to help finish the sculptures and get this show on the road. You've always wanted to help make a giant papier-mâché polar bear, right? Well, here is your chance. If you would like to help, please contact our volunteer coordinator Nicole Krom at or 215-922-3456 x310.

Most of all, we need your help to spread the word. We want this to be huge!

PLEASE NOTE: Fleisher's parking lot will NOT be available for parking after 5:00 PM on April 24th because it will be the staging area for the parade. Please make alternate arrangements. Fleisher is easily accesible by public transportation.


Marchers will assemble in Fleisher's parking lot — between Catharine and Christian, and 7th and 8th Streets — at 6:45 PM (George asks that marchers wear as much white clothing as their fashion sense will allow). Over the next hour, the marching order will be determined, lanterns and sculptures will be distributed and turned on, and our guest dancers will start off the festivities.

At 7:45 PM, the parade will move onto the 700 block of Catharine Street going west and turn left onto 8th Street. The parade will then travel south on 8th and turn left onto Wharton Street. The parade will proceed east on Wharton before turning left onto 3rd Street. We will travel north on 3rd back to Catharine Street, where we will march westward back to Fleisher by 9:45 PM.

Huberta herself, ready to march
(photograph by James G. Mundie)

Follow Wherever There is Water on Twitter and share your photos on Flickr!

Wherever There Is Water is supported by an Artists & Communities grant. Artists & Communities, a program of the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, is made possible by major funding from the Heintz Endowments, the William Penn Foundation, and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.